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Thomas H. Ward

“In every truth there is non-truth, in every fiction there is non-fiction. ~ Thomas H. Ward LUCEM SANCTAM (Holy Light). There was glowing golden cave, as if lit up by a million fireflies. The Native Americans living in this area knew about this cave but never entered fearing the Great Spirit was there. It was a Holy Cave for them, to be respected and left untouched by humans. Is the Ark there? Is God there? A Historical Mystery?
This is the cave that Mr. Kincaid, who worked for the Smithsonian, found in 1909. It is a fact that the government has this area posted as a no trespassing zone to hikers with fines and imprisonment for those that enter the forbidden area. This part is not fiction. Why is a sign there?
What really happened to the treasure and the Ark of the Covenant. It is the greatest mystery of all times. This book contains fantastic pictures of Isis Temple where the Ark maybe located and the secret Indian trial leading to it. There are also references that can be researched.
5 STAR REVIEW: "The author is probably a great fisherman as he knows how to 'bait the hook' to keep readers interested! Thanks for another great read."

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