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Thomas H. Ward

Did the Knights Templar find the lost treasure and bring it to the New World? Read “The Ancients” and discover what really happened to the treasure and the Ark of the Covenant. It is the greatest mystery of all times. Jack Gunn is fighting alongside the modern Templar Warriors to find the lost treasure. During a time of turmoil, chaos, and mayhem they battle their way across the United States, following the clues on a holy relic named ‘The Sword of Jerusalem’ which they hope will lead them to the treasure. It is a known fact that King Solomon’s treasure and the Ark disappeared when Nebuchadnezzar II invaded Jerusalem in 586 BC. There are no records of any great treasure or of the Ark of the Covenant being taken by the Babylonians. If they took it they would have made it well known. It would have been written in the history books for all to see. So how did the treasure and the Ark disappear into thin air?

In 1909, the Phoenix Gazette published a story about a man named Kincaid who found a cave in the Grand Canyon. In the story, Kincaid claims that he found mummies, statues, and gold artifacts that were oriental or Egyptian in appearance. Kincaid advised he worked for the Smithsonian and sent some of the artifacts to them. He also claims that the Smithsonian mounted an expedition to the Grand Canyon to conduct further research. Kincaid disappeared and no one has ever found the cave. The Smithsonian claims he didn’t work for them and they have no knowledge about any cave in the Grand Canyon containing artifacts. ***Author Thomas H. Ward first introduced Jack Gunn in his #1 Bestselling Series, The Tocabaga Chronicles. The Templars Quest Chronicles is another Jack Gunn adventure. Enjoy.

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