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Templars Quest Trilogy: The Lost Ark

Thomas H. Ward

2018 FAPA Award Winner

There are 400 pages of reading enjoyment. This is not just another book. It’s an Historical Fiction Adventure based on actual facts. It received the Florida Author's and Publisher's Association (FAPA) President’s Award for a Best Historical Fiction. This book contains 15 references and pictures of the general location for the Lost Ark. The truth is stranger than fiction.

THE ADVENTURE STORY IS FICTION BUT THE FACTS ABOUT THE LOST ARK ARE REAL. The story starts here. In 1909, the Phoenix Gazette published a story about a man named Kincaid who found a large cave that contained statues, and gold artifacts that were oriental or Egyptian in appearance. Kincaid advised he worked for the Smithsonian and sent some of the artifacts to them. He also claims that the Smithsonian mounted an expedition to the cave to conduct further research. Kincaid disappeared never to be seen again. Strangely no one has ever found the cave. The Smithsonian claims he didn’t work for them, and they have no knowledge about any cave. Certain parts of the supposed location are strictly off limits to all hikers. Government signs are posted to this day. A search of Smithsonian records has revealed Kincaid did work for them in 1909. Why did they lie?

However, all is not lost as there is one ancient Holy relic which no one has ever heard about, until now. The Sword of Jerusalem, which was forged from Blessed Damascus steel and the spikes from the cross of Christ by the Knights Templar. The Sword may contain the clues to find the location of the Lost Ark etched into its blade.
A STORY THAT WILL MAKE YOU WONDER ... from America's #1 Storyteller. ENJOY!

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