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The Ansgar Treasury: A Windflower Saga Collection

Aleksandra Layland

2022 FAPA President's Book Award: Silver: Adult Fiction Romance The Ansgar Treasury is the first part of an epic fantasy trilogy called the Windflower Saga, set in a medieval-like world. A hundred years after the end of the colonial wars, Kimbria is finally a unified kingdom. A young man named Ansgar, dressed only in the robe of a monk, wanders alone in the southern Wastelands, searching for the remnants of an indigenous people, called the Kimbrii, who are on the brink of extinction following years of living under harsh post-colonial laws intended to prevent their prosperity as a people. He’s come to help them, but instead finds himself near death, until he opens his eyes and sees her… a woman named Keholani, unlike any he’s ever seen before... a clan chief and the future leader of her people. She’ll save him from death and quietly captivate his heart. In a tender romance story, he’ll defy the conventions of the time and marry her, revealing his true identity, and founding a family that will change the future of Kimbria forever.
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