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The Archer's Thread (Relented Book 1)

Noel Zamot

2022 FAPA President's Book Award: Silver: Adult Fiction Thriller/Horror Simon Lyons can see seconds into the future. The condition is very useful at work: quiet negotiations with some of the worst people you’ve never heard of. His employers think he's quite valuable. They tolerate his abrasive personality, the result of being bored by everyone and everything he can predict. He does his best to hide the truth from everyone: the condition is slowly driving him insane. In desperation he runs away to Boston, the last place he remembers as home. He spends his days drinking to excess, brutalizing street punks, and failing to kill himself. That’s when he meets a young mathematics professor with an unexpected gift: around Doctor Kelly Austin, the chaos of a thousand possibilities dies away, leaving behind clarity, presence, and peace. Rediscovering this sense of normalcy is intoxicating, and rekindles his hope for cure. Simon uses all of his skill to enter's Kelly’s life, find the secret, and leave. That’s when someone from his past returns, stopping at nothing to hide his identity, the truth about his accident, and the extent of his “skill.” When shadowy figures discover that Kelly Austin may be the key to controlling the most dangerous person on earth, Simon must choose: return to a short and brutal life of violence, or risk everything for the terror of redemption.
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