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The Children of the Poor: A Child Welfare Classic

Tanja Bekhuis

Tenements, saloons, and streets -- How did children survive the perils of New York City slums? When this book appeared in 1892, it shocked the privileged class. The evidence of misery and greed was undeniable. The author, Jacob Riis, was a muckraker and social documentary photographer. His exposé includes stories of survival, child abuse and neglect, orphans and outcasts. He wrote about the sorrows and joys of the " little toilers," and gave a resolute account of child labor at the expense of an education. The Children of the Poor is a companion to Riis' bestseller How the Other Half Lives. His books inspired social reforms during the Progressive Era. This special edition includes new content, stark photos, and an in-depth subject index. It will appeal to readers interested in the history of child welfare, immigration, urbanization, or photojournalism.  
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