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The Earl in Black Armor

2019 FAPA President's Award Winner - Adult Fiction - Historical (Bronze) LOYALTY, BETRAYAL, HONOR, AND TYRANNY IN THE REIGN OF KING CHARLES IRELAND, 1635: Out of money, out of options, and with a young daughter to feed, Faolán Burke must accept an unwanted task. He must travel to Dublin to spy on Thomas Wentworth, the ruthless Lord Deputy who rules Ireland with an iron fist. Wentworth plans to transform clan lands into English Protestant plantations, leaving Irish families homeless. To stop him, Faolán must discover misdeeds that could force King Charles to recall Wentworth to England. Leaving his young daughter Elvy in the care of his best friend Aengus, Faolán works as a porter in Dublin Castle and aligns with the alluring Denisa, Wentworth's personal assistant. She, too, spies on Wentworth, but for very personal reasons. While Faolán knows he should hate Wentworth, he admires his prosecution of pirates and corrupt nobles who prey on Irish merchants. Supremely arrogant and cruel to his enemies, Wentworth shows loyalty, warmth, and compassion for family, friends and a few select others. A common mission takes Faolán and Denisa from Dublin to London and Hampton Court; to York and Scotland; and to the highest levels of court intrigue and power. But secrets, fears, war, and betrayal threaten their love--and even their lives. And as Wentworth's power grows, so grow the deadly plans of his most treacherous and driven enemies.
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