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The Eighth Day: A New Order

John R. York

Ryker O’Brian is a talented young man returning home after three years of education and training in Washington, DC. His great-great-grandfather, centenarian Wolf O’Brian, is bringing him home following a disastrous hearing conducted by the Interim Authority of Homeland Security. Ryker returns to a joyous homecoming at the remarkable and mysterious compound known as Mind Meld, where he is reunited with his childhood friend, Cloe Wilson. The young couple soon realize that they are in love, but the budding romance is immediately complicated by the extraordinary events that are about to unfold in an already troubled, near apocalyptic world. Ryker and Cloe combine their unique talents to lead their small Southern California community in combating an invading army of marauders. Johnny Yang and his agents from Homeland Security and their escort of US Marines, led by Major Charlie Redeagle, inconveniently show up to arrest Ryker's great-great grandfather, Wolf O'Brien, right before the big battle, but they become unexpected allies in the upcoming struggle. In the midst of the crisis, an extraordinary cosmic phenomenon occurs, resulting in an opening to other worlds through a rip in the space-time continuum. The event will change the world, all worlds, forever. The amazing heroes of this story are thrown together in an unlikely alliance, determined to help the nation rise from the ashes of a world near collapse.
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