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The Face of Expression 3: Fall of A King

Aaron Woodson

2023 FAPA Award Winner

Aaron Woodson is an accomplished man of many talents. He is a published author, poet, screenplay writer, narrator, actor, college student, and military combat veteran. Originally from Vallejo, California, Woodson now resides in Jacksonville, Florida. The Face of Expression 3: Fall of a King, is the final installment of the Face of Expression trilogy poetic series. Readers can expect new, chilling, powerful, and gripping poetry that they have never before experienced. The author has taken his readers on an incredible and unprecedented journey through this series, and he saved the best for last! The mastermind behind The Face of Expression is leaving his indelible mark imprinted on hearts and minds all over the world. The body of work written in this book will define his legacy and be his signature. This is it...the grand finale has arrived! Enjoy!

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