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The Florida Motel: College Life - Coming of Age Romance

Jay Gilbert

2022 FAPA President's Book Award: Silver: Humor Helgi feels trapped. And like any good prisoner, he thinks about escape. Every day. While dutifully working for his parents in the Florida Motel, he desperately craves a normal life. But there is nothing normal about the motel biz. It's more akin to a state of insanity! Attending college at the local university is his path to normalcy, where scantily clad coeds, a raucous Halloween Ball and the hidden "Stacks" of the old stone library provide much-needed distractions, if not peace of mind, from crazy events and characters at the motel. When he meets a girl--the girl--on campus, Helgi bumbles his way through his first real love. Threatened by a frat boy with GQ looks and money, he seeks sage advice from a surprising source. From prostitutes to creepy professors, Helgi faces threats to him, his family, and his relationship with the love of his life. Will he get the girl and find normalcy or remain a prisoner of the Florida Motel?
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