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The Gastwick Witch: The Orion Chronicles - Book 2

R. L. Keck

2023 FAPA Award Winner

1864 – On the eve of the Battle of Mobile Bay, Captain Sir Geoffrey Matheson and the crew of H.M.R.S. Orion arrive to recover one of the lost alien life stones—their agreed-upon mission with the entity known as The Keeper. However, far from a routine operation, this recovery uncovers a more significant threat to their world—powerful aggressor stones called Malefactors. These seven sentient stones wish to reassemble and take control of the Collective, marooned on earth for a thousand years. However, doing so will destroy the fragile multiverse—the myriad alternate timelines. Counting the one recovered by Matheson, six remaining malefactor stones must be found and returned to the Elders—the long-dormant leaders of the Collective. But the Malefactors have found an ally in the form of a seventy-three-year-old Irish witch living in 1795. After they restore her youth and strength, Moira, the witch, is enlisted to recover the remaining malefactors scattered across time and alternate timelines.Matheson and crew, meanwhile, are searching for them as well. When their paths cross, the two sides battle. Moira fights to keep her newly returned youth and beauty and devastating magic. Orion’s captain and crew fight for their lives and the billions of those who populate the multiverse.

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