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The Heath Cousins and the Crystal Canyon

Eileen Hobbs

2021 FAPA President's Book Award: Gold: Children - Sci-Fi/Fantasy In book 3 of the Heath Cousins series, the four courageous cousins travel back to the magical land where they first met their friends Gemma and Jumani, the white wolf. This time they must find their way under a dangerous waterfall and enter the land through the Crystal Canyon. There they must face a dangerous enemy, Arach the crystal-spewing dragon, in order to save their friends Mai Li and Jadira, the smelly buffalo creature, from a terrible fate. Only the cousins with their magical gifts can break its evil spell. But what they discover in the dragon's lair...and what happens next...could endanger their journey home. On this rousing adventure, our intrepid heroes discover many amazing things about Gemma's magical world...and about themselves. They learn that the land is called Ambra, and along the way they also learn about working together, forgiveness, facing your fears, and most of all, loyalty.
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