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The Leaf Does Not Believe It Will Fall

Marina Brown

2019 FAPA President's Book Award: Silver: Poetry "Brown's poems offer insight into the meaning of life in language so lush and musical it dances across the pages." "The beauty in her words turn a gorgeous poem into a head-swiveling moment of truth." "With the sensuous lyricism of Rimbaud and the open-heart of Browning, Brown captures the unnoticed moments of life that change everything."Divided into 6 sections (The Season's Turns, Visits With the Muse, Traveling in Time, The Tides of Love, Loss and Metamorphosis, and a Place of Solace, the 62 poems rejoice at the earth, confront the joy and pain of love, the thrill of exotic locales, the precarious edges of change, and finally, the peace of a 12th century French village and the solace of sheep. This is Marina Brown's first full collection of poetry. She has won double Gold Medals for her novels, Land Without Mirrors and Lisbeth, as well as awards for short stories and poetry. Brown is also a painter and cellist, for whom colors, music and words merge in what she calls "living aquarelles."Drawing on wide travels from Ethiopia to Hong Kong to the Amazon, on her early profession as a soloist with a major ballet company, with her life experiences of great joys and loves, as well as loss and the subsequent metamorphosis, Brown captures what living is like for all of us—distilling from it all the beauty in the human condition, no matter its ambiguity."Brown’s poems create a symphony of sound, a kaleidoscope of colors.”"A volume of poetry for those who love words, abhor the trite, and don't shy from insights you will carry with you always."
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