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The Orion Chronicles: Book 1 - The God Stones

The God Stones 2065 – The world’s supply of fossil fuels has dried up, necessitating the search for new sources of energy. The Orion Chronicles introduces the reader to British Naval Captain, Sir Geoffrey P. Matheson III, a part-time pirate, and full-time womanizing alcoholic, who discovers a vast horde of power stones – a strange and rare energy source, on a South Pacific island. However, this cache of valuable stones exists on another timeline and two hundred years in the past. With his ship, Orion, fitted with the technology to enter the Slipstream – an access portal to alternate timelines – Matheson and crew engage in a deadly game of cat and mouse with a capable opponent intent on claiming this horde for himself. Complicating Matheson’s plan to capitalize on this treasure, is the discovery of a nineteen-year-old woman who might be the daughter he never knew he had – living on the Polynesian island in 1874. When the woman is kidnapped, Matheson disobeys the orders of his government superiors and makes an unauthorized time-jump to recover the girl and protect the strange energy source before his rival can divulge its secret location. To save her and the treasure, Matheson must call on several powerful acquaintances for assistance. The price for their help is steep, and his request places him in the unenviable position of owing them, but he is willing to sacrifice everything to protect his ship and crew, the girl, and the source of the amazing God Stones.
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