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The Secret Files of Hugo and Victoria

Buck Buchanan

2019 FAPA President's Book Awards Winner - Humor (Silver) “A skillful blend of mystery, the supernatural, parody, laugh-out-loud dry humor, irony and noir... highly recommended.” — The Book Keeper Laugh out loud comedy meets noir mystery and paranormal action within The Secret Files of Hugo & Victoria. Hugo is a hardboiled private eye writer with wits as sharp as a switchblade. Victoria is a vampiress in denial of her mystic heritage. The duo solve the most outlandish crimes and write novels about their experiences as only private eye writers can. Together, this unlikely pair face off against a mob of crazed coin collectors, a terrorist attack by the international criminal Ibn Etin Salaami, a coven of evil vampigs and hampires (like vampires, but with more oinks and grunts), and more absurd and amazing scenarios than you can shake a vampire bat at. Will they survive? Can the unlikely pair find love? And will Hugo ever fix his rust-bucket “classic” Yugo? Find out in The Secret Files of Hugo & Victoria.
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