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The Survivor's Family Guide: A Resource for Loved Ones After Your Passing

Robbert W. Lucas

The Survivor's Family Guide is designed to provide a tool for everyone to prepare for the inevitable day when he or she is no longer on this Earth. It is an indispensable resource that anyone can complete to provide the type of information that only they have related to personal and business affairs. By using this book to share crucial information and last messages with your loved one, you are giving a lasting gift of love. It is a resource for those who are dear to you. By following the prompts within this book and providing valuable information, you can help ease the burden of dealing with your passing for your spouse or significant other. With it, they will have most of the important information that they will need to settle your estate, handle arrangements for your final departure and move on with their life. They can also refer to Survivor's Family Guide in the future as a source of important information about you.

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