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The Thankful Mermaid: I am Kind

Haley Rose

2020 FAPA Award Winner - Cover Design - Juvenile: Gold This innovative and uplifting coloring book is all about building self-esteem, promoting positivity and inspiring creativity in kids and adults alike. The Thankful Mermaid: I Am Kind coloring book is filled with inspiring quotes, positive actions and whimsical mermaid scenes with beautiful sea creatures that will be sure to delight even the young at heart, leading to a more confident, kind and creative child. Spark the imagination and explore the oceans: Beautiful black and white drawings of mermaids, seahorses, koi fish, starfish, sharks, dolphins, narwhals, whales, sea shells, crabs, clam shells, lobsters, puffer fish, eels, turtles, fish, sea dragons, shipwrecks and more. What you'll love about this book: Coloring: Coloring is proven to reduce stress, promote creativity, helps with decision making and improves fine motor skills. Daily Gratitude Prompts: Giving thanks is scientifically proven to reduce stress, improving physical and mental health. Gratitude also promotes positive self-esteem and opens up conversations between peers and adults. My Dreams and Goals: Charting out your dreams and goals keeps you focused and motivated. What I Love About Myself: Writing down what you love about yourself leads to better self-esteem and builds confidence. Daily Affirmations: Stating a daily affirmation can reduce stress and helps to keep you motivated while staying positive. Make it a Family Affair: The Thankful Mermaid is a wonderful book to share with the whole family. Spend 15 minutes a day coloring together and talking about what you're thankful for, or brainstorm over ideas and goals for the future. A great bonding tool to help you stay connected. A Great Gift for kids tweens, teens and adults: This is a wonderful activity book for Elementary, Middle School, Jr. High and High School students dealing with low self-esteem, bullying, stress, grief or depression. Perfect for girls age 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and up. Perfect for adults and the young at heart. Collect them all! The Thankful Series: The Thankful Mermaid: I Am Kind The Thankful Mermaid: I Am Confident The Thankful Mermaid: I Am Unstoppable The Thankful Mermaid: I Am Generous The Thankful Mermaid: I Am Beautiful The Thankful Unicorn: Release Your Inner Magic The 9x6 size makes the Thankful Mermaid Series travel. The paperback is perfect for girls age 3-8, while the hardcover is more suited for tweens, teens and adults.
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