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The Turtle Thieves

Brenda M. Spalding

2023 FAPA Award Winner

A Tale of
Greed, Murder, and Kidnapping

Florida’s wildlife is under threat. Fish and Wildlife Officer Seth Grayson discovers an old poacher, Hap Dunbar, involved in trafficking Florida’s freshwater turtles. His grandsons are collecting turtles for their grandpa, unaware it’s illegal.
The traffickers threaten Dunbar’s family, forcing him to cooperate and collect more turtles. Dunbar refuses, is beaten, and eventually murdered, and his grandsons are kidnapped and forced to collect turtles for the traffickers.
Officer Grayson and his partner, on and off the job, Officer Liz Corday, race against time to bring the boys home and stop the shipment of turtles from leaving Florida. But the job is not done when one of the traffickers is still on the loose.
A vicious Asian organization is at the heart of the operation where turtles are worth killing for.

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