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The Weight of Salt: A Gripping Story of Love and Courage. (Angelina Pirrello Saga Book 1)

Sandra Montanino

2021 FAPA President's Book Award Winner: Gold: Adult Fiction - Historical In an era of two colliding worlds… At the height of women’s fight to gain a vote... A young girl falls in love and must discern the truth from the illusions that surround her. In 1906 Florida, the cigar capital of the world, suffragettes march for a vote, the Mafia terrorizes neighborhoods, and girls are expected to marry whom their strict Sicilian fathers choose. Angelina Pirrello, dutiful, bright, and ambitious, finds herself abruptly torn from her mother and left to abide by her well-meaning Italian father’s rigid beliefs. When she falls in love with a suitor who doesn’t meet the ideal her father has set, she finds herself promised in an arranged marriage to a man she detests. Forced to choose between her father, and following her heart, Angelina makes a daring move to take destiny into her own hands. But such a choice comes with devastating consequences that threaten to shatter her world… Travel on a journey of love, heartbreak, passion, and the unexpected with Angelina as she discovers “The Weight of Salt.”
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