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The Wolf Queen: Splinter of Asgard, Part II

R. L. Keck

Successful in driving the demon, Malik from his mortal shell, though at great personal cost, Torval and his cousin, Asta and their friends learn they must travel to the Western Lands and retrieve a magic talisman with which they can destroy Malik once and for all. For one the Western Lands hold no allure, for a debt is owed and payment – long overdue – is required. Nevertheless, leaving their homeland – and new friends, the travelers brave unpleasant conditions and deadly confrontations as they make their way west. Continuing their quest to return the Splinter of Asgard to the Rainbow Bridge, Torval – tortured by dreams of loss and failure – struggles with controlling magic that is becoming less dependable, while Asta uncovers secrets about her connection to the Lupanora that leave her wondering: can I do what is expected? The Western Lands hold the answers for both, and unbelievable power for one, but at what cost?
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