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Thirsting for Water: Devotions to Awaken the Spirit and Quench the Thirsty

Tekoa Manning

Traveling through a dry, empty desert with rolling tumbleweeds can leave us with cracked lips and a parched spirit. We travel to the well in the heat of the day, hunting for water, but after a short time, we realize we are still dehydrated. We need the Messiah and His Living Water to flow out of our innermost beings.

Thirsting for Water is a beautifully written book that will awaken and stir your spirit. Tekoa Manning shares hidden nuggets, vulnerable moments, and profound Biblical truths that will quench thirsty readers. This unique devotional draws the reader back to intimacy with the Holy One.

Thirsting for Water is divided into sections allowing the reader to maneuver from topic to topic depending on the type of healing needed. Each section has three different encouraging teachings on circumstances that affect us, like struggling with faith, wounds that won't heal, finding balance, and love for our enemies.

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