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Three Years, Eleven Months, 29 Days - But Who's Counting

Andy Adkins

At eighteen years old and without a clue as to what he wanted to do with his life, Andy ("Chet") Adkins joined the Navy that not only taught him discipline and leadership, but also helped him mature into a confident man. Three Years, Eleven Months, 29 Days - But Who's Counting is a book about growing up in the Navy, including all the good, bad, and indifferent. The Navy is full of traditions and Adkins captures the essence of these timeless military honors. His experiences in both land and sea assignments offer a unique insight into the daily events of a modern day Navy man. After flunking out of college, Adkins takes you from induction, through boot camp and A School, and through his three tours: NAS Agana Guam, USS Kitty Hawk, and the Bremerton Shipyards, all the time with detailed daily life in the Navy, both on duty as well as off duty. Whether you are currently serving in the Navy or any branch of service, you'll relive a lot of your own experiences, good or bad, through the eyes of a Navy man. If you are contemplating joining the Navy, this will be an eye opener to the wondrous adventures that lie ahead. May God Bless all our military: those who have served; those who are serving; those who will serve.
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