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Time Tale: Upton Charles-Dog Detective

DG Stern

2021 FAPA President's Book Award: Silver: Children Grades 4-6 A beautiful sailboat suddenly appears at a local ship yard. Upton, his "human" father, Hank, together with Watson, Upton's feline assistant, are asked to find the vessel's owner. By the way, Upton is a Bichon Frise (that's "BEE-shon free-ZEY"), a little white dog, with uncanny canine investigative skills. Their efforts are interrupted by the appearance of a Navy admiral, who has a very curious interest in the sloop "Sweet Pea" and her builder, August Mayer, a brilliant, but reclusive scientist. The mystery is intensified because the boat appears to be brand new, but almost 100 years old at the same time. Join Upton, Watson and the rest of the Charles family as they search for the answers in Time Tale.
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