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Titanium Web

L.M. Whitaker

2023 FAPA Award Winner

Technology will drive the next leap in human evolution…if it doesn’t kill you first.

Brilliant Georgia Steele is one in a billion, the product of a secret society’s 150-year experiment to create the perfect human. Since learning of her origin and the Guardians’ sinister plans for the rest of humanity, Georgia’s been obsessed with exposing and taking them down.

Drew Conner has waited years to take his rightful place. He just needs to prove his technology – one that marries humans and computers to produce something entirely new – before the Guardians will help him become one of the most powerful men on the planet.

Though no human has yet to survive the process, the Guardians have picked their test subject for Conner’s technology: the troublesome black sheep of the family, Georgia Steele.

But Georgia has no plans to go down quietly. She must untangle the secret of the technology implanted inside her before it takes her mind…and her life.

Titanium Web is a fast-paced techno-thriller, and the exciting sequel to the award-winning The Crucible of Steele.

For readers of Blake Crouch, Douglas Preston, Douglas E. Richards, AG Riddle, Matthew Mather, and Michael Grumley.

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