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To Comma or Not to Comma: The Best Little Punctuation Book Ever!

Arlene Miller

2020 FAPA Award Winner - Reference: Bronze   Why do commas have so many rules? Does the period go before or after the quotation mark? How do I use an ellipsis? When is it appropriate to use a dash? What is an "en" dash anyway? Is a semicolon much different from a colon? Would it be better to use parentheses or a dash in this sentence? Are there gray areas where there really is no rule? Find out the answers to these and all your other punctuation questions in To Comma or Not to Comma, the latest grammar book from bestselling Amazon author Arlene Miller, The Grammar Diva. From apostrophes to semicolons, this little guide will explain, in easy-to-understand language and examples, what to do with all those little marks that make your writing clear and readable. Includes "quizlets," a final test, a quick guide to commas, an answer key, and a glossary of grammar terminology. Great for high school and college students, homeschoolers, authors, professionals, and anyone who needs to write or teaches others how to write.  
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