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Tocabaga (Revised Edition): The Collapse (The Tocabaga Chronicles: A Jack Gunn Suspense Thriller Book 1)

Thomas H. Ward

A JACK GUNN THRILLER … BOOK #1 OF THE AMAZON BEST SELLING SERIES: THE TOCABAGA CHRONICLES. A Political Fiction and Terrorism Thriller. REVIEW: “A RIP-ROARING THRILLING ADVENTURE … I love adventure stories, especially those that involve current topics of national interest. This one delivers on both. I rate this book up there with those written by CLIVE CUSSLER."

"TOCABAGA IS THE LAST FREE CITY ZONE IN THE USA. WE NEED YOUR HELP. Tocabaga is a clue as to the general location. The real name will not be given, nor the location. It is a sanctuary where one can be safe from what is going on in the outside world. It is a real location which is not known to the outside world. There are clues and a real email address hidden in these chronicles one can use to find out the location. If you happen to come here, are of good character, and believe in the freedom of man and the Constitution, you are welcome to stay. The current population is 556 people. Read my story how we help each other stay alive."
My Name is Jack Gunn, Director of Security and these are my chronicles.

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