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Thomas H. Ward

“The Sword of Jerusalem. A relic with power from God. It's forged from blessed Damascus steel and the spikes used on the Cross.” No one ever heard of it until now. It's the key to finding the lost Ark.
Adam through the power of the sword has become the Grand Master of the New Templar Warriors. A group of twenty-four battle hardened retired Marines who have sworn an oath to fight evil for God and country.

BUY IT TODAY … GIVE IT A READ, FIND OUT THE IMPORTANCE OF THE SWORD. Book 10, “THE POWER OF THE SWORD” has it all. It’s loaded with post apocalyptic thrilling adventures, that are full of action. Jack Gunn meets the modern Templar Warriors. Retired Marines dedicated to destroying ISIS and other terrorist groups. You won’t believe what The Power of the Sword brings to Tocabaga. It’s a complicated plot that you will enjoy.

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