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Thomas H. Ward

A JACK GUNN MYSTERY THRILLER, BOOK 6 OF THE KINDLE BEST SELLING SERIES: THE TOCABAGA CHRONICLES.BUY IT TODAY and ENJOY IT TONIGHT. EXCERPT: "BOSS MAN was sitting on a big throne like chair, up on a pedestal, above everyone else. There were about thirty people standing or sitting around him in a semi-circle. The room was smoky and smelled like pot and cigarettes.

Approaching closer I could make him out in the shadows. I could see his shape and noted he had no shirt on. His body was covered in tribal tattoos and so was his face. He was a huge hunk of muscle with a massive chest and thick herculean arms. The BOSS MAN was Miguel (Mike) Rico Martin, ex-Navy Seal, ex-Swat Captain, one of the toughest and most dangerous men I have ever known. He’s a one-man killing machine. I knew that Rico had gone over the edge. He has so much hate in him that he has turned to the dark side. I looked at his face and thought I saw the devil in his eyes. It sent a chill down my spine knowing I may have to fight him in hand-to-hand combat to gain my freedom."

My name is Jack Gunn and these are my chronicles.

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