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Thomas H. Ward

We all dismounted. Maggie had her arm around Adam and Lisa had Emma on her knee. Johnny, while holding my hand, asked, “What’s going on, Grandpa?”
“We’re waiting for the Templar Knights to clear the roadblock.”
“What are the Templar Knights?”
“It’s hard to explain but look … there they are.” I lifted Johnny up on the hood of the Hummer so he could see them.
What a spectacular sight it was. Row upon row of men dressed in snow white mantles with a Crimson Cross on the front marching to a drumbeat. Some men were flying flags but all of them carried rifles. Many had big swords hanging from their belts. As they marched down the center of the highway, I jumped on the hood to see them better.
“So, the Knights are soldiers?” Johnny asked.
“Yeah, that’s right,” I said.
I estimated there were about 100 men. I asked Adam, “Do they really know how to fight?”
Adam replied, “The Templar Knights have been fighting a thousand years for God. They protect people from evil forces."
We have to be alert and ready to fight to keep our way of life safe. Someday the country will return to the rule of law and liberty under the United States Constitution. Until that day returns we must endeavor to persevere.
My name is Jack Gunn, and these are my chronicles.

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