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Unveiled - The Twenty & Odd Documenting the First Africans in England's America 1619-1625 and Beyond

Kathryn Knight

2019 FAPA President’s Book Award Winner – Non-Fiction (Gold), Reference (Silver), Cover Design Adult (Silver) UNVEILED - The Twenty & Odd reveals the true story behind the landing of the first Africans in England's America in 1619 and 1620 removing a 400-year-old political veil of corruption. For the first time, America will have a new understanding of who these first Africans were, from where they came, the struggles they faced, and the amazing achievements they made. Knight's countless hours of research comes alive as pieces of the puzzle are put back together taking the reader to the infancy of America where they will experience a story buried deep in turmoil and deceit with the many variable parts assembled long ago to hoodwink the councils and courts and allow a powerful earl to retain his head. Now, Unveiled - The Twenty & Odd sheds new light on the first Africans, finally allowing them to take their true place in history. 2020 IPPY Award Winner - Reference (Silver) Phyllis Wheatley Literary Award - Sons and Daughters of the US Middle Passage Journalism reference for numerous journalism outlets throughout the world including, Associated Press, USAToday, Daily Commercial, Washington Post, TIME, and the National Parks Magazine.
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