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What Just Landed in The Villages? and Other Short Fiction

Lawrence Martin

“The whole house shook.” Thus begins the novella, What Just Landed in The Villages? Something very strange, on a golf course, in the middle of the night. How did it get there and where did it come from? Is it hostile or friendly? The world goes agog over the object, but for the 125,000 residents of this Florida retirement community, it’s just a huge annoyance. All the attention it brings, not to mention the National Guard, interferes with their lifestyle. They just want it to go away, so they can again move freely around The Villages, visit their numerous clubs without impediment, and not worry about the masses trying to invade their community. In the end, how will it all end? Following the novella are eleven of Martin’s short stories, several of them prizewinners in the annual Florida Writers Association’s Royal Palm Literary Awards (RPLA) competition. Each story has a twist or surprise ending.
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