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Without A Homeland: Love, Loss and Resilience at Qatrom Refugee Camp

Bobbie Lord

2023 FAPA Award Winner

In May 1999, Bobbie Lord got on a plane. She was headed to the Qatrom Refugee Camp in Korҫё, Albania to assist the Kosovar Albanians who had fled ethnic cleansing. It wasn’t the first humanitarian tour for Bobbie, who already had several years of experience working in countries including Kenya, Guatemala and Zambia.

This time she was working with Relief International, under the umbrella of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. She had been assigned the job of camp manager at Qatrom and its 3,000 refugees. Despite her experience in humanitarian work, Bobbie was uncertain. At sixty, was she too old to handle the pressure? How could she ensure the refugees’ health and safety while also helping them deal with their trauma and boredom?

Heartbreaking and compassionate, Without a Homeland recounts the courage and resilience of a people facing unimaginable obstacles, and one woman’s mission to give them hope that someday, they would return home.

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