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Wonders in the Waves: A Novel Inspire by Love That Does Not Die

Jennifer Collins

Resilience has brought Larissa Whitcomb a long way toward surviving recent losses of those closest to her. “I’m emotionally bankrupt,” she admits in the aftermath of her tragedies. Yet, gradually, she yearns for more. It is time to reframe her grief and expend energy in new directions. Encouraged by family and friends, a trail of letters and old postcards lead her to a picturesque beach house on Hutchinson Island, Florida. Walks beside the ocean and river fill Larissa with wonderment at the messages and treasures that emerge from the water. As she processes shifting emotions, Larissa is driven by an instinctive, unwavering commitment to search for the son she reluctantly surrendered for adoption. Can the natural surroundings bring her the wisdom and insight to live life to the fullest, regardless of what she has lost—and what she might find?

Picking up where Comfort in the Wings left off, readers who cried along with Larissa in the author’s debut novel are invited along for another journey of hopefulness after grief, and finding joy in everyday wonders.

WhileWonders in the Waves is a stand-alone story of relationships lost and found, readers who cried and smiled along with Larissa in Comfort in the Wings, the author’s debut novel, are invited along for another journey of hopefulness after grief, finding joy in everyday wonders, and honoring love that endures, that does not die.

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