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Cate Bronson


Cate Bronson is an accountant turned author of speculative thrillers and narrative nonfiction whose work spans novels, anthologies, and periodicals, like The New Barker magazine. Since 2018, she has been a featured contributer with the iconic Chicken Soup for The Soul series. Bronson is also a Writer’s Digest short story winner, achieving honorable mention for her literary mainstream story "A Bit More Than We Could Chew." In 2020, she became a gold medal winner of Adult Science Fiction in the FAPA President's Book Awards for her debut technothriller "CLONEDROID The New Wave."
While Bronson’s fiction reflects her passion for exploring what makes the cosmos and everything within it tick, her nonfiction centers closer to home, focusing on her devotion to family and animal welfare.
Cate Bronson lives in Florida with her husband and rescued racing dogs, spending time reading and writing in the sunshine while giant hounds lounge by her side. For more information, please visit:

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