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Marsha Shearer


If anyone had told me that at the tender age of___, I would write my first book, I would have suggested they lay off whatever they were consuming. And yet, in the end, all it took was being pissed off enough to take pen to paper. Well, more accurately, fingers to computer!
America in Crisis: Essays on the Failed Presidency of Donald J. Trump is a series of 90 essays, written in real time over a 3 year period, documenting key events of the Trump administration. I wrote to be sure I didn't forget and with the hope readers wouldn't either. The book won a Gold Medal from FAPA (2022). Tah Dah!!
My second book, Life After Trump: Seeking a More Perfect Union, was published in 2021. This book discusses the failings of government that gave us Trump in the first place. It provides historical background and solutions to those failings that, when implemented, would result in reducing, and maybe even eliminating, the dangerous divisions pulling us apart.
I'm a retired school administrator who was fortunate to spent the last 15 years of my career overseas. Traveling became a passion with Africa and Asia my favorite go-tos. Now I'm active in local politics and discussion groups, continue to write political opinion pieces, try to stay physically active, and value precious time spent with family and friends. In fact, for the past three years, my NY Times Word For The Year has been, and with luck will remain, "gratitude." Perhaps that says it all.

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