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2019 Award Medalists

We are proud to announce the 2019 FAPA President’s Book Award medalists! Our thanks, again, to the many librarians, educators, and publishing professionals who served as judges this year and to the incredibly talented authors who submitted their books.

Adult Fiction – General

  • Gold | Emily Gone by Bette Lee Crosby

  • Silver | And Throw Away the Skins by Scott Jones

  • Silver | The Guy in the Box by Iain Bird

  • Bronze | My Mother?s Apprentice by Diana McDonough

Adult Fiction – Historical

  • Gold | War Calls, Love Cries by Mark Barie

  • Silver | Breaking from the Enemy by J.R. Sharp

  • Silver | Calusa Spirits by Samuel Staley

  • Bronze | The Earl in Black Armor by Nancy Blanton

Adult Fiction – Mystery/Suspense

  • Gold | The Mourning Islands by Douglas Wells

  • Silver | Betrayed in Beaufort by Linda Heavner Gerald

  • Silver | The Mystery of the Moving Image by C.S. Poe

  • Bronze |Rosemary’s Beach House Linda Heavner Gerald

Adult Fiction – Romance

  • Gold | A Year of Extraordinary Moments by Bette Lee Crosby

  • Silver | The Greysons  by Dana Brown

  • Silver | Loving Gia to Death  by Rena Koontz

  • Bronze | A Fierce Wind by Regan Walker

Adult Fiction – SciFi/Fantasy

  • Gold | Dark Opius: Watchtower by Dariel Raye & Muffy Wilson

  • Silver | Fortitude Rising: Vol. 1 Magical Bond by Angelique Bochnak

  • Silver | The Savage War by Esther Wallace

  • Bronze | Ansgar: The Struggle of a People by Aleksandra Layland

Adult Fiction – Horror/Suspense/Thriller

  • Gold | Too Many Hats: Herbal Medicine and the Mob by William Curatolo

  • Silver | Delphys Rising by Kip Koelsch

  • Silver | Silent Survivor by Deborah Shlian

  • Bronze |Danger in the Clouds by Judith Barrett

Young Adult – Fiction & Non-Fiction

  • Gold | The Savage War by Esther Wallace

  • Silver |Albina by Aleksandra Layland

  • Silver | Legend of Ashneer Creature of Darkness by Rebekah Aman

  • Bronze | Losing Herself by Lyla Ellzey

Children – Education

  • Gold | A Pirate’s Life in the Golden Age of Piracy by Robert Jacob

  • Silver | Hoodless Klan by Ruth Baskerville

  • Silver | Murals of the Palm Beaches by Sharon Koskoff

  • Bronze | Jimmy, The Nature Smart Ninja by Mary Massey

Children – Non-Fiction

  • Gold | When Kids Have Grandparents as Parents by Lauren Gould

Children – Picture Book Ages 0-7

  • Gold | Fifo, Today I Feel Emotion by Hayley Rose

  • Silver | I’d Like a Cat Like That by Linda Bigbee

  • Silver | Mia’s Reflections by Ginger Marks

  • Bronze | Harley Basil and the Lost Pup by Lena Cannata Patterson

Children – Chapter Book Ages 7-12

  • Gold | Laura and Grandpa Discovering Da Vinci Book 3 by Robert Krupp

  • Silver | The Incredible Adventure of the Eight Cousins by Barney Beard

  • Silver | My Pancreas Needs Glasses by Rhonda Goodall

  • Bronze | Growing Up Behind the Scenes by Deborah Ford

Adult Non-Fiction - General 

  • Gold | Unveiled The Twenty & Odd by Kathryn Hall Knight

  • Silver | Behind and Beyond the Badge  Vol. II by Donna Brown

  • Silver | A Pirate’s Life in the Golden Age of Piracy by Robert Jacob

  • Bronze | The Joy of Cruising by Paul Thornton


  • Gold | Dear Willy, The True Story of a Life Well-Lived by Claire Geheb

  • Silver | A Dream Called Kristy  by Becky McGregor

  • Silver | The King of No: A Financial Firefighter by Loyall Wilson

  • Bronze | Women of Valor: Polish Jewish Resisters to the Third Reich by Joanne Gilbert

Coffee Table Book/Cookbook/Home & Garden

  • Gold | Dance Across the USA by Jonathan Givens

  • Silver | A Pirate’s Life in the Golden Age of Piracy by Robert Jacob

  • Silver | Locust Projects: The 20th Anniversary Retrospective by Locust Projects

  • Bronze | Heroes: A Tribute, Collector’s Edition by Doug Meyer


  • Gold | Publish with Purpose by Tara Alemany

  • Silver | 2019 Weird & Wacky Holiday Marketing Guide by Ginger Marks

  • Silver | Leading in a Diverse Environment by Teddie Malangwasira

  • Bronze | The Future of Omni-Channel Retail by Lionel Binnie

How To/Self Help/Inspirational

  • Gold | Miracles of Recovery by Harriet Hunter

  • Silver | The Crowning Venture by Saadia Mian

  • Silver | You are a Heroine: A Retelling of the Hero’s Journey by Susanna Liller

  • Bronze | Publish with Purpose by Tara Alemany


  • Gold | Proverbs of My Season by Pat Stanford

  • Silver | Blood Moon by Andrew Jarvis

  • Silver | The Leaf Does Not Believe it Will Fall by Marina Doyle-Brown

  • Bronze | A Dime is a Sign by Sherrill Cannon


  • Gold | A Glossary of Life by Manny Garcia

  • Silver | Blessed A Poetic Devotional Journal by Allen Perrin

  • Silver | Stepping Out, A Journey of the Soul by Kim Laliberte

  • Bronze| The Crowning Venture by Saadia Mian


  • Gold | Resurrection Lily: The BRCA Gene by Amy Shainman

  • Silver | Golf for Beginners by Barney Beard


  • Gold | Scantily Clad Truths by Leslie Halpern

  • Silver | Phylis: Tales of a Jewish Child During the Depression by Phylis Goldberg

  • Silver | The Secret Files of Hugo and Victoria by Buck Buchanan

Political/Current Events

  • Gold | Behind and Beyond the Badge Vol. II by Donna Brown

  • Silver | Boomers to Millenials by Daniel and Nathan Rubin

  • Silver | The History of Liberia by Captain Hank Bracker


  • Gold | Writing a Cozy Mystery by Nancy Cohen

  • Silver | How to Correctly Format a Stage Play by Walter Schenck

  • Silver | Unveiled, The Twenty & Odd by K.I. Knight

  • Bronze | The History of Liberia by Captain Hank Bracker

Cover Design – Adult

  • Gold | Proverbs of My Seasons by Pat Stanford

  • Silver | The Greysons by Dana Brown

  • Silver | Unveiled The Twenty & Odd by K.I. Knight

  • Bronze | Tales of the Crimson Diamond Book I by Tina Boulton

Cover Design – Young Adult 

  • Bronze | Losing Herself by Lyla Ellzey

Cover Design – Juvenile 

  • Silver | Corky’s Travels by Deborah Burggraaf

  • Silver | Josie on Shadowridge Drive by Deborah Burggraaf

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