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All Things in Time: A Time Travel Sci-Fi Romance

Eric Martell

2022 FAPA President's Book Award: Bronze: Adult Fiction Sci-Fi TRUE LOVE IS PRECIOUS... But, what if the two lovers cannot possibly make their relationship work? The two grew up together. Each often knows what the other is thinking. They get along perfectly. Unfortunately, they belong to different sentient species. There is no chance for them as a couple. Each needs a mate of their own species, but finding a suitable life partner can be problematic. There will almost always be missteps, sometimes even fatal mistakes. There is no such thing as an impossibility in the infinity of years available throughout eternity. The laws of probability imply that given enough time, any event, no matter how improbable, has a chance of happening. The ability to jump through time and space can make things easier or more difficult. It also attracts those who will kill to get the secret for themselves. When all of infinity is available to search for a mate, will it be necessary to go beyond death to find success?
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