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An Instrument for Florenda

Tomeko Brown and Christopher Smallwood

2023 FAPA Award Winner

Florenda is excited to play in the school's new orchestra, but her mom can't afford a clarinet. Will Florenda raise enough money to reach her dreams?

Twelve-year-old Florenda Little grew up in Louisiana surrounded by music. When she attends a live orchestra performance, hearing the beautiful sounds of the clarinet sparks in her a powerful love for music. She can even picture herself playing on stage!

Now, her chance is finally here. After the coming summer break, her school is introducing their first ever band class. They even hired an orchestra player to be the teacher.

But when Florenda and her mother visit the music store, she's sad to find out that the instruments cost too much. Disappointed but not defeated, Florenda makes a plan: she's going to spend her summer vacation saving up money to buy a clarinet.

Will Florenda persevere and make her dreams come true?

An Instrument for Florenda is a fun, lively, and heartwarming story that teaches kids and adults alike the importance of determination and community.

Order your copy now and follow Florenda's story as she reaches for her goals.

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