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DIY Brain Fitness: You Exercise Your Body, What About Your Brain?

Liz Knowles Ed.D.

SO, WHAT CAN BRAIN EXERCISE DO FOR YOU? Regardless of your age it is important and necessary to exercise your brain just as you exercise your body. With brain exercise you can improve four basic cognitive skills: memory, processing speed, focus & attention, and logic & reasoning. Based on research on neuroplasticity and growth mindset, we know that regardless of where you start from - you can always improve your mental fitness with brain exercise.DIY Brain Fitness presents the organized and repeated process of using selected games and activities to practice, enhance, and develop cognitive skills. Most games and activities are available on Amazon. In order for your practice to really make changes, you must play/practice many times. According to an educational researcher who specializes in the science of learning, it takes 15+ repetitions for skills to become part of your background knowledge. You can keep track of your progress on the chart included. This do it yourself guide is all about exercising your brain from your home whenever you make time and regardless of your age. This program has worked for all ages and notable success has been achieved and documented. Brain fitness strengthens cognitive skills, improves self-confidence, and even increases mental ability!

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