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Thaddeus, Keep Your Eye on the Ball! ( ¡ Tadeo, Mante'n el Ojo en la Pelota! )

Susan Fay Ryan

2021 FAPA President's Book Awards Winner: Bronze: Cover Design - Juvenile 2021 FAPA President's Book Awards Winner: Bronze: Children's Book Illustration This incomparable, bilingual children's book, written in English and Spanish, is specifically targeted to children, ages 7 - 12, but, without question, it is a delightful book that the entire family will enjoy. Based on real life during the fun-filled, carefree years of Dr. Ryan's youngest child, the author has created a fictionalized account. of the incident in an enchanting story involving the dynamic main character with his electric blue eyes, his two charming friends, their affection for dogs, and their love for music.
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