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The Tree Farm

Seth Sjostrom

The company Aaron Shepherd works for shutters their doors unexpectedly, leaving him desperate to provide for his family. Accepting a low paying role at a struggling Christmas tree farm, Aaron finds unexpected kinship with his new boss, farmer Hal Jennings. As the holidays roll closer and the Shepherd’s finances worsen, they find themselves homeless. Allowed to live in a long unused cottage on the farm, Aaron learns that the farm is in distress as well. The entire Shepherd family pitches in to save the tree farm, find Christmas spirit in challenging times and grow closer together themselves in the process. In the midst of their efforts to help Hal on the farm, Aaron receives a job offer that would instantly solve all of their financial problems with the caveat that he would need to start immediately. Aaron is stuck with an impossible decision – taking the job and heal his family’s finances would mean abandoning Hal and sacrificing the tree farm to its own financial ruin.

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