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Trouble on the St. Johns River

Mom's Choice Award Winner In Trouble on the St. Johns River, the Johnson kids Joey, Bobby and Katy are up to their adventurous ways again. But this time, instead of exploring history, they are making it! Joey and Bobby start their summer vacation by setting out for their favorite fishing pond but end up leading a crusade to clean up the environment instead. Finding the pond covered with green muck and dead fish, the brothers decide to do something about it. That leads to a close encounter with a manatee, a visit to a center that rehabilitates injured sea turtles, and a boat tour on the St. Johns River. What they learn through these experiences inspires them to create The Greenies and chart a course of action that captures the attention of many, including a local TV station. By the end of the story, Joey, who thought there was nothing kids could do to make a difference, realizes that perhaps they are the very ones who can. It s a story of awakening that will inspire young readers to become more aware of their environment and give them some ideas on how to preserve it. Trouble on the St. Johns River is the third book in a series written by Jane R. Wood, a former teacher. Her first book, Voices in St. Augustine, is a mystery that takes place in the Nation s Oldest City. Adventures on Amelia Island: A Pirate, A Princess, and Buried Treasure includes tales of pirates, ghosts, and treasure that is rumored to still be hidden on the historic island. All three books are intended for young readers ages 9-14. Teacher resources are available.
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