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Donna Armillei


Diamond Cove Publishing, LLC

D. L. Armillei (Donna), a USA Today and International Bestselling author was four years old when she wrote a “story” in “cursive” and gave it to her mother to read out loud. Instead, her mother tucked the pages into a desk drawer, telling Donna they could read her amazing story together, in a few years, after she had learned how to read and write!
Now, able to read and write, Donna continues to create amazing stories. Her flagship Anchoress series is a young adult/adult crossover quest fantasy that immerses the reader in a complex plot interlaced with spiritual messages of self-empowerment.
The first book in Donna’s Anchoress series, Shock of Fate, ranked #1 in Epic Fantasy on Amazon in February 2022 and won the New Apple Award for Excellence in Publishing in 2017. This series might appeal to readers who love Shadow and Bone, Percy Jackson, and also fans of the Wizard of Oz.
A Massachusetts native, Donna now splits her time between living in her home state and Florida. When Donna’s not writing, she’s often reading quietly in her hammock with her white cat, Snowball, snoozing by her side. Or searching for the next unique fantasy product to offer on Your Fantasy Portal website, or creating the next fun video for Your Fantasy Portal YouTube channel.
She can also be spotted riding her RAD electric bike wherever the trail takes her, swimming in the clear blue water in the Gulf of Mexico, or kayaking with (real) mermaids at Weeki Wachee Springs.   

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