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Mangoes & Roosters: Stories and Tales of Haiti

Cynthia D. Bertelsen

2023 FAPA Award Winner

This is some amazing writing. ~ Gary Allen, author of Tabula Rasa, Baby

... an engrossing and enlightening read from start to finish. ~ Leo Racicot, author of Alone in the Yard: Buddhist, Beat and Otherwise

A fictional exploration of Haitian life by the author of the award-winning A Hastiness of Cooks and Stoves & Suitcases.

Ever since colonial days, when France claimed it as her own, Haiti carried within it an aura of the unknown and the mysterious. Once called the “Pearl of the Antilles,” Haiti became for a time the largest sugar-producing region in the world, thanks to plantations populated by thousands of enslaved Africans, who rose up and defeated their French masters in a bloody revolution in 1804. Rift with unrest ever since, Haiti continues to be an enigma, with its rich culture of art and literature and Vodun, yet forever misunderstood. Mangoes & Roosters, based on a few words found in the popular song, “Haiti Cherie,” paints fictional portraits of key players in Haitian society and culture.

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