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Seth Sjostrom

Special Agent Alex Penance was the hot shot recruit out of Quantico, picked for early promotion before an evening of celebration turned to an unwitting slip of morality with a high-ranking senator's girlfriend. Abruptly stripped of his promotion and banished to the sleepy southern town of Sawyer, Mississippi, a disgruntled and embittered Agent Penance wallows in his sudden fall. Wanting nothing more than to find an exit to the town he wants to despise, he finds the people of Sawyer frustratingly charming, none more so than the attractive Assistant District Attorney, Annie Hunt. Together, Penance and Annie unravel a case of missing girls that leads them to the hands of a brutal drug cartel lieutenant that is boldly captured by Agent Penance. Swearing revenge, the weight of the entire cartel descends on tiny Sawyer, its residents having no choice but to take up arms with Penance in the lead as the town erupts into a full-fledged war.

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