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Raise Your Frequency Through Number Messages: Awaken to the Meaning of Number Sequences and Synchronicities from Animals, Nature, and the Universe

Melissa Alvarez

2023 FAPA Award Winner

Everything in the Universe is connected to the Divine through energy. It is this connection that allows you to raise your own frequency when you allow your energy to join with Universal Energy. When you're seeing repeating number patterns and sequences like 111, 333, 555, 369, 123, 421, 888, or any other number combination, it means that the Universe is trying to get your attention so you can receive the message you need. Energy animals, nature elements, and the Universe will show you signs until you notice there is something bigger at work. You may see the numbers on television, in person, in print, hear them on the radio, on a clock, in phone numbers, on car tags, in songs, on the side of a business vehicle, on road signs, and well, just about everywhere until you stop, pay attention, and actively seek out the message they are trying to deliver. By connecting with the frequency of the number and receiving the message, you will be able to grow on your spiritual path, find solutions to problems, or open your mind to new possibilities.

You can use Raise Your Frequency Through Number Messages in multiple ways. You can look up the numbers and their message or you can use the Messenger List Index to look up the messenger to find what number it relates too. Each number message is supported by three messengers. One from the animal kingdom, one from nature, and one from the Universe/Energy for a total of 3336 messengers. You can also use this book as a bibliomancy tool. Ask the Universe to guide you to the number that is important for you today. Then open the book at random for your message.

Also available as a Pocket Edition that is easy to carry with you. The Raise Your Frequency Through Number Messages Journal is the perfect tool to use for writing down the messages you've received and how they helped you on your spiritual path. Use both the book and journal daily as a reminder that love, abundance, joy, and happiness are only a message away.

Order Raise Your Frequency Through Number Messages and the Raise Your Frequency Through Number Messages Journal today and discover and record the messages that numbers, animals, nature, and the Universe are sending to guide you on your spiritual journey.

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