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Rock Step, Triple Homicide: An Introduction to Lindy Hop...And a Murder Mystery

Douglas Dorsey

2023 FAPA Award Winner

After solving the West Coast Swing murders, Detective Evann Myrick is ready for a break from crime fighting. At the behest of the lovely (and beguiling) Victoria Monroe, the two set off on a 7-day dance cruise. There'll be plenty of sun, fun, laughter - and death - as these two hip lovebirds traverse dangerous waters. Will the sly jitterbug Harriett Cribbs prove to be capable of murder? Or will it be Paul Granger that 86's the competition? Talon Andilet may be one cool cat, but he's clearly hiding something. And then there's the stunning Soriya Danes, who may just prove the most menacing of all, you dig Daddy-O? Get ready to shake, swing and jive as Detective Myrick works furiously to solve his next case... and also learns some nifty Lindy Hop moves along the way.

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