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Thomas H. Ward

YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND ACCOUNTING? That's ok, don't worry about it. You do not have to be an accountant to understand this book or run a small business. My short easy-to-learn book will teach you everything you need to know. You only need to know how to add and subtract. You don't even need a computer. It's that simple. You're gonna love it!

You will learn methods to check if your business is making money or not. I used this system for 20 years running my two small businesses. Actually, my CPA ask me to write this book to help other Small Business Owners who don't understand accounting. Many of them were losing money and didn't even know it until it was too late and had to close the doors. This book solves that problem. You will know each week how profitable your business is.

We all use accounting in our personal life. Accounting is used to make a household budget and to keep track of your own check book. How much do you have left at the end of each month? This is easy to calculate just subtract the amount that came in from the amount you spent. Then what is left is your profit. Unfortunately, it is not that easy in the business world.

By using “Small Business Accounting Tools” you will learn fast and easy methods to keep track of how your business is running. Determine if you are making profits or not. You do not need to be an accountant to understand these methods. This book provides you a way to calculate a “net value analysis” to determine the value of your company based on your assets. This net value analysis was developed to provide you, the small business owner a fast easy method to determine if your company is in the red or in the black. This analysis can also provide you a warning signal if your business is in trouble. These tools will help you become a better manager and understand how your company cash flow, sales, and expenses can effect your bottom line. But most importantly, you will always be able to know if your business is making money.

NEED HELP? CONTACT ME. FIND MY EMAIL ADDRESS IN MY AMAZON AUTHOR PROFILE. CONSULTANT: Thomas H. Ward, MBA in International Business with over 30 years experience in export and import of goods and services. Has worked for KIA, Inc, RCA, Zenith, Texas Instruments, Stuart Coatings, and SKC (Korea), to name a few companies. Import / Export experience with China, Japan, S. Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe, and Mexico.

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