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Sustainability is for Everyone: Beginning Steps to Creating a Sustainability Program for Your Business

Lael Giebel

2023 FAPA Award Winner

This book is a roadmap for the ABCs of starting a sustainability program for your business. There's no better time to start than now (no matter how long you've been in business). Designed to be a practical tool for any professional, this guide provides a hands-on approach to implementing programs and practices including referencing real-world examples. Whether your business is public, private, government, non-profit, etc., and regardless of its size, you can discover meaningful ways to make any business operations more sustainable. The intent is to create a holistic, integrated, sustainable ecosystem that is both impactful and inclusive. The ideas offered within this book include:

  • How to outline practical steps

  • Suggestions to create a comprehensive program

  • Engaging both senior executives and employees in your efforts

  • Building momentum for your efforts

  • Creating a sustainability mission statement

  • Developing a waste management program

  • Measuring your carbon footprint

  • Folding practices into your employee training

  • Using sustainability in your marketing and public relations

  • Green facilities and ways to achieve this

  • How to create green products and practices

  • Thinking outside the box for events, daily consumables, and more

  • Resources for further reading and development

Lael Giebel aims to take the guesswork out of creating your program by providing straightforward suggestions teamed with a passion that invites the full support of the community. Growing up in Berkeley, California, she spent several years in Indonesia and now lives in Central Florida with her husband and four sons. She's a sustainability professional, public speaker, and author who has several industry certifications and an MBA in Sustainability. Currently, she writes straight-forward, pragmatic works about the environment and how to integrate sustainability into your everyday life and business.

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