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The Best Little Grammar Workbook Ever!

Arlene Miller

The Best Little Grammar Workbook Ever! will give you everything you need to make your speaking and writing clear and effective. It is the eighth grammar book written by Arlene Miller, The Grammar Diva. The Best Grammar Workbook Ever! (no "little") has been a consistent bestseller on Amazon, and The Grammar Diva hopes that the "little" version of the workbook will be as helpful. The Best Little Grammar Workbook Ever! can be used by itself; it can also be used with its companion book, the second edition of The Best Little Grammar Book Ever! Speak and Write with Confidence/Avoid Common Mistakes. This workbook is full of exercises and quizzes, while the companion book contains more explanations and examples. Topics covered in this workbook include sentence structure, types of sentences, phrases and clauses, dead words, irregular verbs, tenses, punctuation, capitalization, commonly confused words, fragments and run-ons, possessives, who and whom, lay and lie, using numbers, parallel structure, series and lists, and much more.
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